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Implemented the market’s lowest and optimal pricing based
on our unique SPA business model

Until some time ago, eyeglasses were considered expensive products. JINS brought about a major innovation to the eyewear market by launching eyeglasses at low prices starting from \4,900 (plus tax) and introducing the market’s lowest, optimal pricing. By adopting our unique SPA business model of conducting planning, manufacturing, logistics and sales in-house and achieving thorough cost-cuts, combined with the benefit from economies of scale through mass-selling, we were successful in offering the market high-quality products at an unprecedented level of low prices.

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Our products come with the world’s highest quality lenses
as standard with no additional charge

At many eyewear stores, an additional fee is charged for high-powered or thinner lenses. At JINS, however, we take advantage of the economies of scale and procure lenses from a small number of suppliers including the lens manufacturing group with the top global market share to apply the world’s highest-class thin aspheric lenses as the standard for our eyeglasses. At the same time, we charge no extra fees regardless of the lens power (except for special processing required for bifocal and colored lenses, etc.)

Offering our “NEW All-in-One Price” so that customers
can feel safe and secure about their purchases

With thin aspheric lenses as our standard, we have abolished the complicated fee scale for optional lenses. As a result, JINS now offers an “All-in-One Price,” a simple pricing system in which the presented price is the price customers pay, so that customers can enjoy safe and secure shopping. Only JINS can provide high-quality eyeglasses while offering both low pricing and no additional lens charge.


“Airframe” has made eyeglasses more comfortable and closer to us

Eyeglasses used to give the negative impression of being heavy, flimsy and uncomfortable to wear. However, the light-weight Airframe, which JINS developed in-house, completely changed the traditional image of eyeglasses. This surprisingly light-weight, comfortable and fashionable eyewear series comes in a variety of designs and colors at attractive prices. The valuable features of Airframe meant that eyeglasses could be more casually and comfortably worn. Airframe has grown to be an extremely popular series, selling over 12 million sets following its launch in September 2009.


A new standard for eyewear: “Functional Eyewear”

Conventionally, eyeglasses have been used to correct vision. With the development of “functional eyewear,” JINS has introduced completely new elements of added value, such as eye protection and support for healthy eyes, in addition to vision correction. Among the functional eyewear series, JINS PC (now JINS SCREEN), which effectively cuts blue light from computer screens and smartphone displays to relieve eyestrain and stiff shoulders, has been a big hit on the market as it has met the needs of modern people. As of November 15, 2015, over 6 million pairs of JINS PC have been sold after they were first introduced in September 2011. Meanwhile, we continue to develop products that respond to the diverse needs of people today as well as the growing awareness about health, including eyewear that protects users from pollen and dryness, and sunglasses that contribute to enhancing the performance of athletes.
※JINS PC has been reborn as JINS SCREEN.


Men's Accessories Business NAUGHTIAM


Brand Concept

The history of men’s accessories goes back to ancient times when men began selecting weapons to carry around, and today, many choose their accessories carefully as they are considered a status symbol. Such behavior reflects the proud but light-hearted male mindset of wanting to look masculine but attractive at all times. We offer accessories designed with a sense of playfulness.

Shop Concept

We offer a selection of originally designed wallets and other leather items and hats that put you in a good mood just by using them, as well as trendy bags, watches and other accessories that make you happy and help enrich your life.

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